Hat Rabbit Amigurumi Free Pattern

Necessary materials

1-semenovskaya yarn “soufflé” 292m/100g cream and gray

2-yarn cotton gold 330m/100g blue and white

2-yarn pekhorka “children’s novelty” 200m/50g for the pink spout

3-hook 1.9 and 1.75

4-2 beads for eyes or ready-made eyes

5-2 buttons

6-thread PNK named after Kirov number 7214 (black) for muzzle decoration

7-spoke stocking number 2

8-filler. scissors, needle, knitting marker pzi


MR-ring amigurumi

CH lifting loop

SC single crochet

HDC half double crochet

DC double crochet


Decrease DEC

(…) * x – repeat what is in brackets “x” times, for example (SC, İNC) * 3, that is, you need to knit



The toy is knitted in a spiral, unless otherwise indicated in the description. Use a marker at the beginning of the row. It is better to use acrylic for the ponytail, because it is easier to comb.


We start knitting in gray


2p-starting from the second loop from the hook İNC, 3SC, 3SC in 1 loop, 4SC on the second side (12)

3р-2İNC,3SC,3İNC,3SC,İNC (18)

4р-(SC,İNC)*2, 3SC,(SC,İNC)*3, 3SC, (SC,İNC) (24)

5р-(2SC,İNC)*2, 3SC,(2SC,İNC)*3, 3SC, (2SC,İNC) (30)

Change color to blue


7p-behind the back wall 30SC


10p-10SC,6DEC,8SC (24)

11р-(2SC,DEC)*6 (18)

12p-18SC start filling the part

13р-(2SC,İNC)*6 (24)

14р-(3SC,İNC)*6 (30)


Fasten and cut the thread, leaving the end approximately 5-10 cm.

we knit the second leg in the same way, only we do not cut the thread


We continue knitting, we connect the legs

18p-on the first leg we knit 11SC, insert the hook into the second leg, where we finished knitting and knit 26 SC, return to the first leg, retreat 4 loops, insert the hook into the fifth loop and knit 15 SC (52)

so we have 4 loops left on each leg, we connect this hole with connecting posts


20p-(24SC,DEC)*2 (50)


23р-(23SC,DEC)*2 (48)


25r-(6SC,DEC)*6 (42)


28р-(5SC,DEC)*6 (36)


31р-(4SC,DEC)*6 (30)


34р-(3SC,DEC)*6 (24)


37р-(2SC,DEC)*6 (18)


Fasten and cut the thread, leaving the end for sewing


1p-6sc in mr

2p-6İNC (12)

3р-(SC,İNC)*6 (18)

4р-(2SC,İNC)*6 (24)

5р-(5SC,İNC)*4 (28)

6р-(13SC,İNC)*2 (30)

7р-(14SC,İNC)*2 (32)


10р-(3SC,İNC)*8 (40)

11р-(4SC,İNC)*8 (48)

12р-(5SC,İNC)*8 (56)


18р-(5SC,DEC)*8 (48)


20r-(6SC,DEC)*6 (42)

21р-(5SC,DEC)*6 (36)

22р-(4SC,DEC)*6 (30)

23r(3SC,DEC)*6 (24)

24р-(2SC,DEC)*6 (18)

25р-(SC,DEC)*6 (12)

26p-6DEC (6)


For tightening, we need a thread of a suitable color or a thread that was knitted.

We mark the places of tightening with pins

1 dot (purple) -27 row

2 dot (blue) -27 row

Distance between 1 and 2 points is one loop

Point 3 (green right) – between 11 and 12 rows

Point 4 (red right) – between 10 and 11

rows.located above point 3

Point 5 (red left) – between 10 and 11

rows, located above point 6

 Point 6 (green left) – between 11 and 12

rows. distance between 3 and 6 points-10 loops

Insert the needle into the 1st point (purple), leaving a small end of the thread, bring it out to the 3rd

dot (green right)

From the 3rd to the 4th (red right). Then to the 5th point (red left).

Further to the 6th (green left), from it to the 2nd point (blue). Pull the muzzle and tie both ends into 2 knots.


For the spout we use yarn thinner than the main one, I have this “children’s novelty” 200m / 50g and hook 1.75


2p-starting from the second loop from the hook 2 SC, 3 SC in 1

loop, on the second side we knit SC, İNC (8)

3р-İNC,SC,3İNC,SC,2İNC (14)


Fill the spout and sew to the head. sew the beads in the places of the ties. take a black floss or any other black thread, embroider the eyebrows and mouth, for the girl also cilia. sew the head to the body


We start knitting with the main color

1p-6sc in mr

2p-6İNC (12)

3p-6SC,6İNC (18)


7р-(SC,DEC)*6 (12)

Change the color to the color of the jumpsuit, knit

8p – behind the front wall 12SC

9р-12SC Change color to white

10-11p-12SC change color


Change color


Change color


Fasten and cut the thread. Leaving the end for sewing. Fill the palm more densely than the hand itself

Handles sew to the body between 37-38 rows


We knit in white



3p-2CH, 3DC in one loop, 20DC in each, 3DC in one loop.

Fasten the thread, leaving the end for sewing. sew close to the head

Sew on buttons


We knit in rotary rows, the main color


2p-starting from the second loop from the hook 7SC, 8HDC, 9DC, 4DC in one loop, on the second side we knit 9DC, 8HDC, 7SC (52)

3p-CH,6SC,7HDC,11DC,4İNC of DC,11DC,7HDC,6SC (56)


5p – tie the upper part of the ear with SC, tie the rest of the ear with a step, fold the ear, but NOT in half, as shown in the photo, we knit the second ear in the same way.

From the crown, retreat 5 rows and sew on the ears


Cut the yarn about 10 cm long. Insert the hook in the 22nd row, thread the pre-cut yarn and fasten

Step aside and fasten the thread in the next loop. Do the same on the second side. Then in the top and bottom row also fix the threads. do this to the desired volume

Now we divide the yarn and comb


1 option – for knitting needles

We take stocking knitting needles

Cast on 56 stitches (14 stitches on each needle)

5 rows knit with an elastic band 2×2 (2 facial loops, 2 purl)

Next, knit 25 rows with front stitch

We close the loops. sew the upper hole. pull the corners, thus forming the ears

2 option for hook



4p-behind the back wall 4SC,CH


6p – behind the back wall 4SC,CH

in this way we knit 50 rows. try on a bunny, if necessary we knit a few more rows

Next we make CH and knit 16 rows of SC

We sew or tie the hole. Corners with a band forming ears

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