Pancake Recipe

In our culture, the pancake is a bit thicker than the pastry, known as pouring or pancakes, and the star of breakfasts. Cheese, olive paste salted varieties can be made as well as chocolate cream and fruit varieties can be prepared with the same recipe easily. When you look for a practical recipe for breakfast, […]

Breathing the vapor of an electronic cigarette can even kill you!

The mysterious illness caused by electronic cigarettes “EVALI” again died. The cause of this disease, which is still unsolved, continues to reveal the dangers of electronic cigarettes. According to experts, there is no difference between exposure to the vapor of the electronic cigarette and the smoke of the tobacco cigarette, both toxic!  Recently, the number of cases […]

6 plants that clean the air of your bathroom

Would you like to have plants in your bathroom that maintain the moisture balance and clean the air? We shared 6 plants that provide oxygen for a happy, green. These plants are suitable for minimum sunlight and variable weather temperatures.  Java Curve : All ferns grow in humid climates and are durable enough to withstand temperature changes. It is recommended to […]

Causes Gum Bleeding?

“Healthy gums image of what should be?”, “Why gums bleed?” Most of us wonder the answer to the questions. Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Specialist Nihat Tanfer shared important information about how healthy gums should be. Bleeding gums indicates that you have gum disease. The cause of this disease is tartar and dense plaque. If you suffer from bleeding gums, […]

Carrot Tarator Recipe

This is called great flavor with little material! It is possible to create delicious recipes from a simple material. I can’t say a very nice meal consisting of plenty of ingredients. It may not hold this chemistry at every meal. Therefore, tasting, making each stage of the food while understanding the way to a delicious […]

Meatball Yogurt Soup Recipe

The weather is cold. We need recipes that will warm us. Even if there are recipes that are warm, hearty, nutritious and practical, it would be nice if we prepared the school immediately after work and saved the day with one kind. We found the solution in the soup with meatball yogurt. This recipe met […]

Baked Meatball Potato Recipe

We are having a delicious meal that leads the savior recipes. Meatballs are ready. Baked with potatoes and that wonderful sauce. The meatballs are exactly the same, the potatoes are soft! Practical recipes is also one of the potato dumplings! You can’t get enough of the flavor that all the flavor elements enter into a […]