What is good for the kidneys?

As you know, our kidneys are one of the organs that carry the biggest loads of our body all day long. When we say what we need to do to protect the health of our kidneys, we all think first of all, “We need to drink plenty of water.” But is that it? Of course not.

Let’s learn what is good for the kidneys today , cleaning our kidneys, excess loads, get rid of harmful substances to get rid of food to start supporting.

For kidneys that continue to work health, meet the foods that are waiting for you right below and that are good for kidneys.

What are the symptoms of kidney problems?

Before moving on to what you need to do about your kidneys’ health, and what foods you need to support, we wanted to talk about the symptoms of your kidneys. These symptoms are the most common, but if you still have the slightest doubt in your doctor’s path, you should take the necessary tests to get accurate information about the health of your kidneys. In particular, if you have some or all of the following symptoms, you should take action without wasting any time, we will warn you and we will move on to symptoms that may affect kidney health:Changes in the frequency of urine production (decrease or excessive increase)Changes in the structure of urine (such as foamy, blistering or bloody urine)Edema and swelling in the bodyExtreme coldTirednessThe occurrence of skin itch for no reasonShortness of breathLoss of appetite, nausea or vomitingDizziness, lack of concentrationPain on both sides of the body or on the back

What is good for the kidneys?

Food and beverages that will support your body to keep your kidneys working health are as follows:


Thanks to vitamins and minerals, especially vitamin C, you can consume parsley, which affects kidney health positively . But you should consume it raw, not cooked in the dishes. You can enjoy the benefits of parsley, which will provide water balance of your body, by squeezing lemon on your breakfast every morning.

Pumpkin seeds

Pumpkin seeds , which contain plenty of iron and zinc, have positive effects on kidney health when consumed in the right amount. It is also very important that you consume the pumpkin seeds, which are said to have an omega-3 effect in the body, in raw form.

Red Apple

The red apples that we can reach in almost every season are very important for our kidney health. Thanks to the abundance of nutrients it contains, you can eat the red apples that provide healthy filtration of the kidneys.


Even though they have been with us for a short period all year round, the benefit of pumpkins in our kidneys is undeniable. Therefore, as soon as the pumpkins appear on the counter, it is useful to evaluate them abundantly. Of course, to take advantage of this feature, if possible, it should be consumed by making freshly grated and salad, you have in mind.

Dead nettle

If you want to get support from herbal teas to support the health of your kidneys, one of the first names you should consider is nettle tea . Thanks to the beneficial ingredients in the stinging nettle, this tea has diuretic and edema-inducing effects and helps the kidney work by relaxing the kidneys. To take advantage of these features, 1 cup a day is enough to drink.


Yoghurt, which is one of the foods rich in calcium, vitamin D and probiotic, is one of the foods that support the kidneys to work and clean when they are eaten in their most natural form. For this, all you have to do is eat a bowl of homemade natural yogurt as snacks once or several times a day.

Lemon juice

It is one of the most recommended methods especially for those who have kidney stones problem and drink water of lemon which is one of the natural materials which has both antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and diuretic properties. Of course, freshly squeeze half a lemon juice freshly mixed with a little warm water or some honey is recommended, you have in mind.

Black cumin oil

Nigella oil in abundance ‘thymokinone’ is known to support the health of the kidneys to work with a substance called. For this reason, you can consume one teaspoon of black seed oil every day regularly in the morning and evening.

An important note: Keep in mind that the above foods and beverages cannot be used as a stand-alone treatment, they can only be supportive, and if you have any suspicion, or if you have a kidney condition, consult your doctor and take the necessary tests and apply the treatment that your doctor considers appropriate. Don’t risk your health.

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