The easiest slimming method that is said to lose 5 pounds in 1 week: Cinnamon Water

You want to lose weight, melt your belly but maybe those long, boring diet lists intimidate you. So up to 5 pounds in a week can be the solution you are looking for cinnamon water diet.

Adding flavor to food, cinnamon is one of the most popular spices and has exquisite properties such as burning fat and accelerating metabolism. Therefore, easily prepared cinnamon water is the number one assistant for those who want to get rid of excess weight.

So does the point weaken cinnamon water, how to make cinnamon water diet, what are the benefits of drinking cinnamon water; Let’s examine together.

Does cinnamon water weaken?

The first question on the minds of anyone who has heard of the cinnamon water diet is: “Does cinnamon water weaken? How does cinnamon water help slimming?”

It’s normal to lose weight when you pour cinnamon on the desserts. It is not easy to consume cinnamon which is a spice and has a sharp taste by itself. But when you turn it into a mixture of cinnamon water, you are taking the first step to lose weight.

Because cinnamon accelerates fat burning, regulates the digestive system and accelerates metabolism and thus supports the weight loss process.

“So how is this cinnamon water prepared? How is cinnamon water diet applied?” If you say the answer immediately below.

Cinnamon water recipe: cinnamon how water diet?

Preparing cinnamon juice and applying the cinnamon water diet is much easier than you think. But let’s warn you, you may be allergic to cinnamon, your body may react negatively to this diet, so do not forget to consult your doctor before applying this method as in any diet.


1 cup drinking water1 teaspoon cinnamon

Note: If you want to prepare a large amount at once, you can also add 5 cups of water by adding 4 cinnamon. You can also add bay leaves, cloves or apple slices to the mixture if you want to add flavor.

How is it prepared? How to apply?

Pour a cup of water into a pot or a small saucepan and boil it with cinnamon. After boiling, remove from the stove, let it cool on one side. After warming you can consume the mixture.

For this mixture to be on a stomach on an empty stomach in the morning or in the evening before going to bed. If it is used for 15 days, you can get more clear results and you should stop the cinnamon water diet after 15 days and never go on, let’s say.

Benefits of drinking cinnamon water

Speaking of cinnamon water diet, not to mention the benefits of drinking cinnamon water.In addition to burning fat in the body, if it is consumed regularly, it prevents the accumulation of fat and the conversion of these fats into weight.Accelerates metabolism and increases insulin resistance in the body. It is no coincidence that cinnamon is recommended for diabetics.It has the feature of keeping the person full for a long time by suppressing the appetite. It is especially effective in preventing sweet crises.Cinnamon, which has antibacterial properties, allows you to get rid of bacteria that make it difficult to digest.Lowers the level of bad cholesterol, good cholesterol is useful.Strengthens memory, headache and migraine is good.It fights free radicals and slows down the formation of cancerous cells.Cinnamon water protects dental health by providing oral hygiene with its antibacterial feature.Sore throat, cough remedy.Finally, it is good for premenstrual syndrome and relieves menstrual pain.

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