Breathing the vapor of an electronic cigarette can even kill you!

The mysterious illness caused by electronic cigarettes “EVALI” again died. The cause of this disease, which is still unsolved, continues to reveal the dangers of electronic cigarettes. According to experts, there is no difference between exposure to the vapor of the electronic cigarette and the smoke of the tobacco cigarette, both toxic!  Recently, the number of cases […]

Causes Gum Bleeding?

“Healthy gums image of what should be?”, “Why gums bleed?” Most of us wonder the answer to the questions. Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Specialist Nihat Tanfer shared important information about how healthy gums should be. Bleeding gums indicates that you have gum disease. The cause of this disease is tartar and dense plaque. If you suffer from bleeding gums, […]

Homemade Granola Bar Recipe

Energy store with products such as dried fruits, fruit pieces, oats, flax seeds, sesame, molasses, honey, which are cooked in a short time and contained in this content, daily vitamins and minerals, carry this cute snack with you all day long and fight against abdominal scraping and packed-ready, ready-made foods. You can open. In recent […]

What is good for the kidneys?

As you know, our kidneys are one of the organs that carry the biggest loads of our body all day long. When we say what we need to do to protect the health of our kidneys, we all think first of all, “We need to drink plenty of water.” But is that it? Of course not. Let’s learn what is […]