Breathing the vapor of an electronic cigarette can even kill you!

The mysterious illness caused by electronic cigarettes “EVALI” again died. The cause of this disease, which is still unsolved, continues to reveal the dangers of electronic cigarettes. According to experts, there is no difference between exposure to the vapor of the electronic cigarette and the smoke of the tobacco cigarette, both toxic! 

Recently, the number of cases thought to be caused by the use of electronic cigarettes from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention rose to 1888 thousand. The number of deaths from lung disease, estimated to be caused by electronic cigarettes in 24 states in the country, increased from 34 to 37. China has banned the sale of electronic cigarettes through the internet and mobile applications used in e-commerce. 

The use worldwide, including Turkey fairly widespread electronic cigarette caused the alleged Although not harmful ‘mysterious disease’, they continue to threaten the health of people in. Finally, researchers at Harvard University even prepared a questionnaire to solve the disease caused by electronic cigarettes but the cause of which is unknown. Information pollution related to the electronic cigarette, which many health experts have warned about the damages, is extremely serious. So what do we know about electronic cigarettes?

Why is an electronic cigarette more harmful than tobacco cigarettes and hookahs? 

When the propylene glycol and glycerol contained in the e-cigarette are heated and evaporated, carcinogenic substances are released. These two substances were also found to have an inflammatory effect. Only the electronic cigarette creates a sudden and rapid destruction. Tobacco cigarettes do this destruction in a longer time. However, all kinds of tobacco, of course, are very harmful!

What is the structure of electronic cigarette liquids? Is the nicotine structure in these liquids different from tobacco cigarettes?

E-cigarette aromas and sweeteners turn into different chemicals by chemical interaction. These aromas and sweeteners cause damage to the cells lining the veins. These aromas are chemicals used in most food industries. The chemicals that the digestive system can process cannot be processed by the respiratory system and cause tissue damage. 

‘Disrupts the structure of the cells that protect the lung’

What kind of effect do these liquids marketed as “harmless”?

E-cigarette vapor disrupts the functioning of the cells that protect the lung and makes the lung susceptible to all kinds of diseases. E-cigarette smokers have a 70 percent higher risk of stroke, 60 percent higher risk of heart attack, and 40 percent higher risk of coronary artery disease. 

Is exposure to the vapor of electronic cigarettes as dangerous as the smoke of tobacco cigarettes?

The e-cigarette vapor is claimed to be harmless. However, there are many harmful carcinogenic substances (carcinogenic substances), especially nicotine, in this vapor. Inhalation of e-cigarettes also causes disease.

‘They’re taking a double dose of nicotine’

The use of electronic cigarettes is seen as a transition phase to quit smoking. Is this true?

Electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes) is not an application that reduces or stops smoking tobacco. No country has been licensed as a smoking cessation method. Research shows that 79 percent of e-cigarette smokers continue to smoke tobacco. Smokers also start double e-cigarettes and take a double dose of nicotine.

Looks like a USB stick, spreads quickly

What are the most important dangers of electronic cigarettes, especially for young people?

Young people are the target audience in the intermediate product project of the seller who wants to switch from smoking to heated tobacco product. Addiction develops rapidly as the products are filled with high levels of nicotine and can be inhaled suddenly, so treatment is very difficult. Currently, the use of a USB-like product among middle and high school students in the US is spreading like an epidemic. The doctors are desperate. It is best not to enter and license the product in the country.

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