6 plants that clean the air of your bathroom

Would you like to have plants in your bathroom that maintain the moisture balance and clean the air? We shared 6 plants that provide oxygen for a happy, green. These plants are suitable for minimum sunlight and variable weather temperatures. 

Java Curve :

All ferns grow in humid climates and are durable enough to withstand temperature changes. It is recommended to have a bathroom with windows.

Chinese evergreen:

This large green plant is extremely resistant and grows in medium to low light. Highly resistant to temperature and humidity during showering.

Aloe vera:

Aloe vera alone can cover the moisture of the bath and only needs indirect sunlight. Ensures moisture balance in the bath and cleans the air.

Peperomia flower:

Peperomia flower is one of the most common ornamental plants. Peperomia blossom leaves are grown for beauties. The leaves are round, large, fleshy and shiny. Can live in low light and stay alive. Your bathroom decoration will look very stylish.

Camel base:

This leafy plant loves moisture and is used to growing in a dark environment. However, it can be toxic if swallowed by pets and children, so we recommend that you put it in high places.

Air plant:

The air plant can grow to 7-8 cm and is not air-rooted like other plants. Contrary to what is conceivable, there is no case that the air plant does not need water, but its way of meeting water needs is very different from that of many plants, including plants in its family. With the roots of the air plants, they can cling to other plants and provide the water and sun they need. They do not mold and so you can keep them in your bathroom.

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